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thumbnail cover image for Fatal FairiesBook 8

When a fairy named Apple Blossom is found dead in a fountain, Ren Faire lover Jessie Morton makes a wish she lives to regret—that her husband, Chase Manhattan, is no longer the Renaissance Faire Village Bailiff so he doesn’t have to look for the fairy’s killer and ruin their plans to go away for their first wedding anniversary. class="auto-style7">Trapped in a timeless ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ experience, Jessie is transported to a different Village to face the consequences of her wish where Chase isn’t the Bailiff, and he’s not married to her.




 Cover for Bewitching Boots

Book 7

Jessie is thrilled when she finds Bill Warren, an old fashioned shoemaker, and he agrees to come back to Renaissance Village with her.

She’s not so thrilled when claims to have elf magic, and he falls for Princess Isabelle. The dancing slippers Bill makes for Isabelle make him a suspect when the princess takes a leap from the castle terrace.

Now, Jessie must find the lady or lord who helped the princess with her last dance before she loses her star attraction.





Cover for Murderous Matrimony

Book 6

In less than two short weeks, Jessie Morton will marry Chase Manhattan at the Renaissance Faire Village and Marketplace. But so much can go wrong in that short time. A man is murdered in Jessie's new Arts and Crafts Museum and her assistant is being scrutinized for the deed. Chase's brother and parents have arrived and are still against their marriage. Wanda's ghost is busy making Jessie's life miserable. The Ren Faire wedding of her dreams may never take place. Can she talk Chase into eloping before it's too late?


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Perilous Pranks Cover

Book 5.5 Novella

Wanda Le Fey was dead. Of that, there could be no doubt. But who is responsible for her death? The police think it was Jessie, who got in the last prank on the nasty nurse. Will Wanda's ghost be enough to spur Jessie into finding out what really happened, despite her wedding plans?

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Book 5

Jessie is spending Christmas at Renaissance Village with her favorite people in the world when Father Christmas is found dead in his toy shop. Mrs. Christmas stands accused of the crime. To keep Mrs. Christmas home with her eight children, Jessie must help Chase find the real killer in time for the holidays.

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Book 4

Village hat maker Andre Hariot is suspected of murder when his rival is found dead in a vat of chocolate with a hat pin in his eye. Jessie feels a special obligation to clear his good name and bring justice to the real killer in the fourth Renaissance Faire Mystery, Harrowing Hats.

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Book 3

A master swordsman is killed and 12 evil, magical daggers are on the loose in Renaissance Faire Village. Jessie must find the killer and the daggers before they destroy the Village in the third Renaissance Faire Mystery, Deadly Daggers.

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Book 2

When the Grim Reaper is killed, Jessie finds whodunit in

Ghastly Glass.

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 Book 1

Jessie solves the case of the killer weave in

Wicked Weaves.

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